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You’ve mastered the fundamentals at your job: You close the deal, you file on time, you never heat fish in the office microwave. You like your work, and you’re hungry to keep climbing the ladder. Or maybe you’re sick of your job: You feel uninspired, no one takes you seriously, someone’s always heating fish in the office microwave. Whether you’re feeling the former or the latter, at work or just in life generally, you’re looking forward toward greater things, right? But how do you get there?

Founder of Bridgewater Associates, billionaire investor, and philanthropist Ray Dalio knows a thing or two about success, and he has some sage advice for you. His book Principles synthesizes a lifetime’s worth of hard work, trial and error, and business experience into a set of principles that Dalio believes led him to success in life and business — and which he argues will help anyone else looking to succeed on his or her own terms. He’s also just released a 30-minute, 8-part animated mini-series that hits all the key ideas in the book in an easy-to-digest form. Read more…

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